Baby, are you listening? I just started living.

Ask me anything   Things dont happen for a reason. There is no reason. But that doesnt mean youre a passive observer. I push against my mountains, and they push back. Everything that has ever happened to me is another piece of who I am now.

You aint seen nothing like me yet.

Sam Smith x Beyoncé | ‘XO With Me’ (SmadaLeinad Mashup)

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ruth bader motherfucking ginsburg


ruth bader motherfucking ginsburg

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The Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “can project the daunting stillness of a seated monarch,” Jeffrey Toobin writes in his Profile of Ginsburg this week. “She is tiny—about five feet tall and a hundred pounds—and her face at rest conveys a pursed-lipped skepticism. She dresses with a dowager’s elegance, often in exotic shifts acquired on her travels around the world; she sometimes wears long gloves indoors.” A groundbreaking litigator for women’s rights before being appointed to the bench, Ginsburg has worn many aspects in her eighty years. Here are photographs of Ginsburg as a girl in Brooklyn, as a law graduate who left Columbia as co-valedictorian (but with no job offers), as a young mother, and as an advocate whose greatest legacy, Toobin argues, may be in the cases that she argued before what was then an all-male Supreme Court—and won. Click-through for a slideshow:

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My tears won’t stop :’(


My tears won’t stop :’(

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Joan Crawford in Possessed (1931)

82 years later and it’s still relevant

This will never not be relevant.

82 years and we still have to fucking tell men this shit

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"Art is to console those who are broken by life."
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for my final trick, i shall turn into a disappointment

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